E30 Pedal Set – Full Race!


Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 1.45.17 AMThe E30 is such a sweet racecar. And then you want more power, so you swap engines and now the brake booster wont fit back in. You can go manual and most people do. But there are so many options. Mod your existing pedal, add just a brake pedal setup, or swap the whole thing? Well this company OPB makes a pedal set designed specifically for the E30 floor. The sheet metal is curved to fit and the masters work on a slight upward angle to they extend backwards and up the slight angle of the floor without any cutting. Pretty simple but very very cool.

Link to the E30 Pedal Set

And while you’re there, you might as well grab a hydraulic handbrake for hairpins and stuff. This is the aluminum 280mm one, but they have them in 600MM and steel as well.  Also flat or round.

Link to the Hydraulic Handbrake