Naca Duct Vs. Air Scoop


Ever wondered about racecar aerodynamics but didn’t want to read some ridiculously complicated engineering book? Ever wanted to understand what a drawing like this means to a somewhat normal racer? Valentin Ivanitski puts out some cool content on his blog like this article comparing the difference between a traditional duct and a NACA duct.   

“A few months ago, a fellow Pikes Peak driver David Kern, asked us a question about the difference between traditional style air scoops and NACA Ducts. There seemed to be some info that mentioned NACA ducts creating far less drag, and that they were specificaly designed for aircraft use, but we were not able to find anything that actually quantified the two styles and compared them.

To do this, we drew up a CAD model of a NACA Duct and a traditional scoop with equal sized openings and other dimensions in a virtual wind tunnel. The difficult part here is that these are different designs, and are meant for different applications, but by constraining the dimensions (even though in real life they may be a bit different) we are able to quantify efficiency results.”

We didn’t want to rip his whole article but if this is interesting to you, take a look at the complete write up on his blog. 


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