How to Race in the GRC


You’ve seen them at X games. Maybe even watched a clip or two on Youtube and you decided that’s something you could do! If you’re crazy rich and just want to fund a team, stop reading this and call us, ASAP. Otherwise this is your chance to test a GRC Lites car. There is a fee for the test, but its applied to your purchase if you choose to campaign a car.  There are also some arrive and drive programs which sounds cool.


GRC Lites car builder OlsbergsMSE will hold a test session in Las Vegas on November 9, two days after the Global Rallycross season finale. Current Supercar and Lites drivers will be on hand to offer coaching during the test. The test is geared toward drivers interested in competing in the 2014 season, with costs applied to the budget of a 2014 race program. Interested parties should contact Brad Manka ( by October 25 and include their track record in motorsports.

So get out your driving resume and send it in with a check. And I don’t think Lemons counts. If someone finds out the cost, let us know. I think it was only $600 last time for qualified drivers for like 20 laps or so. Enough time to understand if you like driving the car and wish to buy one. Last we heard it was around $175,000 which came with some basic spares. Don’t forget you’ll probably need that same amount, if not more, to campaign a lights car for the season.

Oh yeah, the answer to the question. How to race in the GRC? Write a check to start.