Hilux Expedition V1: The Ultimate Camper Truck


I love expedition vehicles. I don’t really care about a house. I love cars. Unless the house is strapped to the back of a truck! So when I’m bored I spend my time digging through the Expedition Portal or searching for 4×4 Fuso’s like Earthcruiser uses for their vehicles. Then I decide they’re too big and I start looking Hellwig’s. Normally a regular pickup truck doesn’t hold enough stuff for me. It’s just too small and by the time you put the house on the back you have a monstrosity instead of a 4×4 truck. Then today I came across this Hilux.

Stefan Forster, a photographer, changed all this when he built this Hilux. He built it with the help of Geocar, Hurter Offroad, and Arctic Trucks Iceland. He fitted it with the standard equipment like lights, winches, diff locks, and a snorkel, but the real magic is in the camper out back. Take a look. This might be the nicest truck camper you’ll ever see.

How could anyone live in the back of a Hilux? Its such a small truck.

But there’s your bed! I’m not sure where it comes from, but there’s a bed in there!

And a little kitchen area.

Next to the sink is a two burner stove.

The bed disappears to somewhere and you get a table to have wine at with your friends!

And when the table disappears you can climb forward to the drivers seat!

And somewhere there is a shower in there too! I have no idea where, but this is definitely a shower!

Because the truck has a snorkel, you can take the kitchen anywhere you want!

The best part is that the truck looks normal. Like you could drive it around town, take it off roading, maybe even park inside a garage. Maybe.

You can follow Stefan’s adventure and photography on his website and here’s a video of his awesome build!

Photos by Stefan Forster