For Sale: BMW e30 M3 LS2 Track Car



Now this more our style. Yes it’s expensive at $20,000 but it’s less than a 1/10th of the motor swapped e30 M3 that was for sale earlier this week for $224,000. Mostly because this M3 is fitted with a 6.0L LS2 out of a 2006 GTO. Yes, Its an 88 e30 M3 with an LS2, but its only $20,000…

And for $20k you get a lot of car. It looks to be rebuilt from the ground up – like put on a rotisserie, cleaned, blasted, all rust cut out, welded and built backup. The underside and wheel wells were coated with rust bullet and Evo front fenders were added. If that wasn’t enough work, that small little 6.0L LS2 was set back 4″ from the normal BMW engine mounting location to help weight displacement.

6.0L LS2
34k mile lift out from a 2006 GTO. Stock internals.
Underdrive crank pulley. 
Stock computer, reflashed for tune / remove emissions. Tuned for 91 octane. 
Custom built headers. Ceramic coated. 1-3/4″ to dual 3″. Necked down to dual 2-1/2″ x-pipe, stainless exhaust. 
New fuel system. Walbro in-tank sends fuel to aluminum swirl pot, Bosch 044 sends fuel to fpr and engine. All new 3/8″ hard lines (all an6 fittings) and new flex fuel lines. (NOT stainless steel lines that permeate fuel.) Fuel pressure gauge. 
Cadillac CTS-V oil pan. (6.5 qt. pan) with Improved Racing oil cooler adapter and -10an lines to oil cooler up front. 
Accusump oil accumulator currently removed and lines capped. Easy to reinstall (comes with car). 

T56 (part of GTO lift out.) All new seals upon installation.
Custom driveshaft with removable (split)
Tick Monster stage 2 clutch and light weight flywheel.
New slave w/ remote bleeder. 
Stealth conversions drive flange for BMW using Dana 1310 u-joints. 
Custom driveshaft with split yoke for easy removal. 
Custom shifter linkage (to accommodate the 4″ rearward placement of the engine) 

Suspension / Steering:
AST 5100 dampers. E36 fronts, e30 rears.
514 / 628# springs. 
Vorshlag camber plates.
E36 front sway bar w/ adjustable end links.
Adjustable rear sway bar w/ adjust end links. (currently disconnected.)
Flaming river steering shaft (no ignition lock/key)
E36 steering rack.
Ground control monoball / roll center correction lower ball joints.
Ground control bump steer / heim tie rod ends.
Rear camber / toe eccentric trailing arms.
Rear trailing arm pickups raised 25mm.
3.25 LSD with 50% lock. (fresh bearings / Porsche clutches ect.)
E36 diff cover with dual mounting tabs. Ready for cooler. 

Reverse mount pedal cluster. Triple masters. Bias adjuster.
Wilwood SL-6: 6 piston front calipers w/ 13×1.25″ front rotors. 
Wilwood SL-4: 4 piston rear calipers w/ 13×1.25″ rear rotors (Massive rear brake kit). 
Front brake ducts. 3″ with backing plates. 
ABS installed, on separate switched circuit. 
New hard lines front to rear. Coated stainless flex lines at calipers.
E-brake steel rings in rear hats. Functional e-brake. 

VSR bolt in roll bar.
Recaro seats / Stock sliders / massive seat mounts.
Momo steering wheel. Steering column lowered. 
All wiring removed. Systems separated. All new power distribution. Maintained working lights, blinkers, hazards, wipers, abs, p-windows. 
Vintage Air heat installed
Central locking system removed. Locks recently installed to get to one key.


Photos from the craigslist ad.