The Most Expensive E30 M3 in the World


E30 M3 rolling
This Ebay listing has been sent to me twice today. Both times the message said “Is this guy high?” Well it is for sale in La Jolla, CA so I think the answer could be yes because Medical Marijuana. But seriously, why do my friends ask that question? 

Mostly because the seller wants $224,500 for a 1989 E30 M3. Yes they are rare cars but… this is a bit absurd. Then you dig into the ad and find its modified and not even remotely close to stock. Gone is the S14 engine that it was sold with. Gone is the perfect handling balance of the original homologation special. But its place you get a 5.7 ltr. V10 from an M5.

E30 M3 engine bay

You also get the rest of the M5. The front subframe.

E30 M3 M5 front subframe

The rear subframe differential and suspension.
E30 M3 rear end
The Transmission and mounting crossmember.
E30 M3 trans mount
Everything as been meticulously transplanted from an M5. In many ways its genius.

E30 M3 M5 drive line
But in other ways its absurd.

E30 m3 in primer
It is now sold as “Land Rocket” and the seller considers it to be the Ultimate “Cost No Object” BMW E30 M3.

E30 M3 interior

Hopefully the buyer feels the same way because he could 10 E30 M3’s for the price of this one.

E30 M3 engine bay top view

Even the dash was rebuilt with this awesome aluminum insert.

e30 m3 custom dash

And the trunk gets a new state of the art fuel cell.

E30 M3 trunk

It also looks like the entire car was built and then disassembled for painting and then reassembled. Look how clean the paint is on the revised transmission tunnel. It also looks like the car is running air conditioning.

E30 M3 build interior 3

For a better look at how this car was created take a look at this video. Its simply a “Ken Burns” montage of photographs but there’s enough there to see how they built it. Pretty cool in many ways. The workmanship is near perfect. But $224k? That’s your call if you have the cash. They say bring a trailer. This sounds more like bring a trunk full of cash.