Ella Anderson: “I am a Bill Caswell A$$ Hat”


I read that Bill Caswell thinks people who take up 2 spaces are A$$hats probably because they think their cars are too nice for just one space. (Caswell: I do think that people who take up two spots are Asshats and generally self centered, entitled people. But there are exceptions, see below)

I occasionally use 2 spaces. I always park as far away from the store, etc as possible,(Caswell: This is probably the only time its acceptable. Like in the back of a huge Walmart parking lot where there are hundreds of spots between you and the store) but I must have a magnet in my truck. It’s a 2002 F-150 that I’ve meticulously maintained over the years, mostly out of necessity because I can’t afford a new truck and used trucks are junk compared to my baby.

My big red is in pristine condition…well, she would be except for the wonderful single space person who dragged their side mirror the entire bed of my truck, leaving an eclectic assortment of dimples…or the thoughtful person who disliked my bumper sticker in support of my son’s deployment, who scraped it off my bumper and then keyed the entire side of my truck…or the especially delightful people who can’t control their shopping carts.

But, I am the bad guy, I admit it. If you want to park beside me waaaay across the parking lot as far from the store doors as I can get then, yes, I am probably taking up two spaces.

PS I love to color.