Crawford Turbo BRZ – On Track


In the video below, Bill Caswell, enters the turbo BRZ in the Redline Time Attack series at Buttonwillow Raceway. As you’ll see in the video, Caswell is new to time attack racing and checks in with some of the drivers to get their thoughts.

Then there’s a quick interview with Quirt Crawford, founder of Crawford Performance, and builder of this crazy fast BRZ before Bill takes the car out on track for a hot lap. How did he do?  We won’t spoil it.

crawford brz helmet in corner

The car is making 475 HP and 576 Tq in the video using VP Fuels C85 race gas. However additional improvements have been made so it know makes 510hp and 550tq. The cool part is that different engine maps can be selected on the fly thru the cruise control. So you can have a daily driver map and full boost track map and select as needed.

The transmission and differential were stock in this video. Its now running a carbon clutch, carbon driveshaft, and clutch type LSD.  Its fitted with Tein’s entry level coilovers, stock swaybars, and a full interior.

For more information on the car, check out Crawford’s site. For more info on Redline Time Attack, check out this link.