“Chasing the Dream” – 24 hours of the ‘Ring in 12 minutes


At Build Race Party we love the Nürburgring, and we love very well done videos of racing. This offers both.

For those who don’t recall, the 2013 24-hour race was a soggy, cold, horrible mess. A large portion of the race was halted due to fog that made the majority of the track undrivable.

But, despite deplorable conditions and a large portion of the race, well, not being raced, the 2013 ADAC 24h Nurburgring was still nothing but magical. Like watching race-cars-made-of-gingerbread-with-gumdrop-tires-driven-by-unicorns-driving-on-chocolate-race-tracks magical. It’s an absolute must-do.

And, for that reason we need to remember to support the cause to Save The Ring!