16th Annual Championship Cup Series


(Foreword: Let me just get this out of the way; I know nothing about motorcycles, how they work or how to ride them. So if your expecting in-depth, knowledgeable coverage of this event, I’m sorry. I do know how to take pretty cool pictures of some crazy riders who were quite literally hanging off their bikes at 100 mph, on purpose. I’ll get in a race car or rally car and go around a track any day of the week, but that is a whole another level of skill, bravery and possibly craziness.)


    Over the weekend Virginia International Raceway hosted its 16th annual Championship Cup Series Festival of Speed. This event gave over 100 riders the chance to compete for much needed points at the beginning of this years racing season. The riders competed in 19 different classes, ranging everything from amateur riders to pros. The racing was spread over two days with practice and qualifying Saturday morning and a few class races in the afternoon followed by the rest of the racing on Sunday.


     However, several storms came through the area on Saturday afternoon and this caused Sunday’s actives to be delayed while crews worked to cleaned the track. After the track was cleaned a brief practice session was held before the racing began. Once the green flagged dropped for the first race it there was plenty of close, knee-dragging action as riders competed in the unbearable southern Virginia heat. I was just covering the race in shorts and a t-shirt so I can’t even imagine how the riders could stand the heat with their leathers with helmets on!