Caswell Stickers…why?


I didn’t plan for my stickers to end up all over the globe. It sort of just happened. Back in 2010 we entered the Baja 1000 and everyone told us to bring porn and stickers for the cops. So I printed like 10,000 or so Caswell stickers and bought a bunch of playboys to give to my friends chasing us down the peninsula. 

The concept is like a friendly bribe. You reach these security control points (for lack of a better word) and generally speaking they wave you through when you hand over stickers and porn. Turns out the stickers are way more valuable than porn – I guess they have Internet in Baja as well. 

We had so much fun tagging stuff and handing out stickers that I printed more. And more and more. I think I printed 120,000 stickers over the years. These are som of the shots I have on my phone. Send me pictures if you have them. Caswellmotorsport at gmail.  

WRC Mexico with Wyatt Knox 2012 









You snooze you loose. 

The Tiki Hut. Afghanistan. 




WRC Mexico 2012:





Outside of the entrance of pike speak 2011

Robb Hollands rental car


Ken Block’s rental car: 

The offices of Car and Driver magazine.