Brakim Racing: Sandblast 2015 – Stage 2


IMG_3809This in-car video is interesting for so many reasons. First off, Matt Brandenburg, the man behind Brakim Racing, is a madman. He’s building a Lamborghini rally car for example… But this video comes from The Sandblast Rally last weekend where Matt entered is E36 M3 with a fully built VAC motor fitted to a sequential gearbox from Samsonas – also sold thru VAC. He’s running Reiger shocks which is the standard in awesomeness for rally cars and Dakar. 

The video is great because the in-car audio is amazing. You can hear his Co-driver, Elliot Sherwood, clearly. You can see the pace notes. You can see what Matt is looking at out the window and the instruments are displayed on screen. This is especially interesting as the car begins to overheat and you can watch the temps climb. Then you get to hear Matt and Elliot deciding what they should do. Ever wanted to know what its like inside a rally car that is not a WRC/ Team Subaru USA rally car? This gives you a pretty good idea. Enjoy.