You’re Mowing The Wrong Way!

motorcycle lawn mower

I saw this and immediately thought “Why didn’t I do this in high school?” Mowing the lawn sucks. It’s a complete waste of time. It grows back in two weeks and you have to do it over again. Sure it looks pretty and if you have kids, it keeps them from playing in mud(well most of the time) but otherwise its like polishing your hood ornament on your car. Only the people around you can see it. So if you’re going to mow your lawn you might as well do it with style.

motorcycle lawn mowerI would want the mowing part powered by the bike for high speed cutting but I bet this works pretty well. And it looks awesome. It even looks like you could unbolt the mower and put your front wheel back in to go riding!

I wish we had video of this thing in action but this picture is all I’ve seen. I did come across this motorcycle mower but its not nearly as cool even though its probably more effective.

What’s the weirdest lawn mower you guys have seen?