New Seat From Racetech – RT4119W



I love when good companies release new products. Racetech makes incredible seats with a bunch of cool features. Seat that bolt to the cage, airflow channels through the back that you can pump cold air into, and ergonomically shaped memory foam seat cushions. There next innovation actually removes a feature from their regular line of seats. Normally, Racetech seats include side head restraints. The RT4199W skips those restraints in favor or more visibility and access making these a good seat for track day customers that are not going racing, but desire more safety.

I know some Porsche guys that love Racetech, but have a really hard time getting in and out of their car with the head restraint wings. They also street drive their 911 on weekends and want the extra visibility at intersections.

Now take a look at the picture again. Notice how squared off the shoulders are? They’re designed to provide better side impact protection and a couple of my off road friends are looking at them to replace their traditional suspension seats.

The standard, wide seat of this model will retail for $1,690 and will debut at SEMA 2016. Stop by the Racetech booth and check it out. Here’s the whole press release for those looking for more detail.


Gardnerville NV- Oct 5th, 2016– Racetech USA has broadened the line of 4119 series seats to now include a non-head restraint model.

A new innovation for 2017! We’ve taken our most popular seat, and given it the chop. The RT4119W (Wide) and RT4119WT (Wide & Tall) seats are based on the existing RT4119WHR and RT4119WTHR, but with the head restraints removed for improved visibility and access in a ‘track day’ type vehicle. This seat retains our unique, patented, back mount design to give the driver ultimate support and a ‘feel’ of the chassis not available in basic floor-mounted seats. Customize your seat further with low base cushions or add side cushions for support in the thigh area.


  • Composite fiberglass shell, gloss black finish
  • Black fire-retardant fabric cover with black perforated leather shoulder wear patches
  • HANS compatible
  • Designed for 5 and 6 point harness systems
  • Back mount design for mounting to roll cage
  • Squared off shoulders provide better side support & containment
  • Large enough for big and big/tall drivers

.See website for more details at Or contact

Racetech USA (704) 450-4507 for a dealer near you.