Ford Focus V8 Motor Swap Made Easy

We’ve seen V8 powered Ford Focus’s before but this kit from Kugel Components ( is news to us. For a few thousand dollars you get everything you need to bolt a V8 into a car thats selling pretty cheap on Craigs list right now. You pretty much buy their installation kit which gives you the cool front subframe shown below and comes with new headers that clear the firewall.  Then you buy the rear axle kit and mount that up. Sure it sounds easy and thats because the fabrication has been done for you.

This comes from the company’s FAQ section and is really the question everyone wants to know. How much does it cost?

A: That is even harder to answer. Our East coast dealer in Florida (JD Motorsports 1-888-907-0477) also installs and he figures a first class conversion with new parts is about $20,000.00. The conversion parts, less engine, transmission and rear end purchased from us would cost about $5,500.00. That would include the bolt in engine cradle and transmission mounts, modified suspension crossmember, front steer & hub modification kit, sway bars, rack & pinion steering, alternator and bracket, clutch kit, steering shaft kit, rack & pinion extension kit, transmission cover, fuel tank, headers, rear end crossmember, 4-Bar kit and shocks & springs.

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