For Sale: Turbo Toyota Prerunner Truck


I randomly found this on Craigs List so Im not saying this is a good truck or a good price, but it is kind of cool. Turbo charged, King shocks, and a wide body kit. All for $5k! for sale toyota turbo prerunner

I’m not sure how reliable this turbo setup is, but Toyota motors are generally pretty strong. 00y0y_9mlKEOhEKpb_600x450

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The Mastercraft seats look pretty nice and the interior looks decent from the pictures. I bet its a riot to drive. 00g0g_fQNVe8un5k7_600x450

Here’s the ad for anyone that wants to buy it!

Bill Caswell is a self-taught racing driver, mechanic, and fabricator, and rose to internet fame taking a $500 Craigslist BMW to a World Rally Championship event in Mexico in March of 2010. His exploits have featured in places like ESPN Magazine, Grassroots Motorsports, NPR Radio, and A lifelong fan of rally and motorsport, Caswell famously believes nothing to be impossible.