Auto X’ers beware: the fastest Miata is in Town

a no frills miata, less weight for more go

Auto X’ers and southern California track drivers beware, there is a new MX-5 in town gunning for fastest Miata!  Build Race Party has managed to obtain a few details about the highly secretive go-fast project.

a no frills miata, less weight for more go
a no frills miata, less weight for more go

Early North America (NA) Miatas are known for being lightweight and nimble… well this one has gone on a salad only diet with an expected curb weight around or under 2,000 lbs!  Added power comes from a Jackson Racing supercharger, and the charge air is cooled with a Track Dog Racing™ TDR Air-to-Air Intercooler, but the owner is keeping his cards on the table and only released a few juicy tidbits of information so far.

It’s fair to say the owner is not new to racing, having competed in professional level motorsports for years.  Once the car is ready, he will be a threat to the currently established autocross drivers, as well as the hot shoes of Global Time Attack and time trial driving.

front air damn is starting to get some work

We were able to get him drunk enough to find out the following:

  • Full 1999 Miata sub frames and suspension components
  • 1999 Miata engine
  • Over-boosted Jackson Racing Supercharger
  • Track Dog Racing™ Intercooler
  • Autopower Roll Cage
  • Mazdaspeed Miata sway bars
  • 5 gallon NASCAR style fuel cell
  • Mega Squirt ECU
  • Wilwood big brakes kit
  • And many, many, more Miata-porn related items!
getting read for a flat floor and fuel cell

To be determined parts:

  • Coil-over’s
  • Rims
  • Tires

Keep a look out for this Miata setting fastest times at your local driving events in a few months time!