Wooden Go-Kart Kickstarter!


Wooden Go kartSo you want a go kart… But you can’t weld. Now what? Make it out of wood! Why wood you ask? Sure, steel karts are fun and strong, but they require a large number of specialized tools to build, repair or modify. Tools that most people don’t have. Wood, on the other hand, can be crafted with tools available in most homes and all home improvement stores. ThePlyFly Go-Kart is a kit that people can make on their very own, by painting, fixing or modifying and wood is a natural fit for this.

The wood used in this kit is a 3/4 inch Baltic Birch plywood. It is a natural fit for the go-kart due to it’s strength and appearance. The 13 plies make it incredibly strong, accommodating riders of 250 lbs+ and the multiply gives the end grain a beautiful contrast. Best of all, it can be modified, repaired or reworked with common household tools.

wooden go kart-3

I can’t wait till my Dad sees this! I tried to build a Go-Kart in 4th grade and we only had wood working materials. So I started making a wood frame and somewhere along the line my dad found it and explained it wouldn’t be strong enough. But I knew he was wrong I just couldn’t prove it! Of course mine was made from 2×4 not 13ply wood but….

I should point out that the PlyFly Go-Kart Kickstarter campaign is not mine, I just stumbled across it and think its genius! Its a gasoline powered go-kart made from WOOD. And all you need is a few tools to assemble it. The kit comes complete with all of the wooden parts, hardware, and a gas engine. No need to buy anything else. All of the karts have the following features:

  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Disc brake
  • Foam filled tires (non-pneumatic)
  • Adjustable seat (can accommodate a large adult)
  • Smartphone mount for action video and telemetry (both cameras are pointed properly for great video of the driver or the road ahead)
  • Safety flag for increase visibility

Two models available

There are two models available. One has a 2.5 HP engine, perfect for flat areas and lower speeds. The other has a 4 HP engine that is quicker and is better suited for hilly areas and bigger people. Both kits consist of wooden parts made by us in Newport, RI and include all the necessary  hardware.

Wooden Kart horsepower chart

There are only a few days left in the Kickstarter Campaign so if you want one of the first ones you better buy in now!