What Should VW Do With It’s Diesels?

VW Golf TDI clean diesel

VW is pretty screwed on it’s diesels. The US won’t allow any new car sales of the VW diesels. The 2016 cars aren’t even approved for road US and they recently took the diesels off their website. Switzerland has banned them. Germany gave VW a week to come up with a solution or face a similar situation.  The real question is what to do with all these brand new diesels? 

I say RACE them! Set up the largest single marque racing series in the world. Strip the VIN plates and sell them without titles or whatever it is they need to do to make sure no one can register them. Sell them at a huge loss and charge the rest off as well marketing expense.  

 Make it a worldwide drivers search. Take the two fastest people from the US and Europe and give them a ride in a big endurance series.

Set up a few regions in the US. Maybe ask NASA or SCCA to sanction the series.  

The cars would need some development rules. Like gut whatever you want from the interior but it needs to make minimum weight without adding ballast. Make shocks springs camber plates and sway bars free, provide an ECU tune to bump the torque way up and let them race! 

My guess is they will try to retune the cars so they pass emissions legally or sell them in markets where the emissions laws are loose but what’s the fun in that? What would you guys do with the diesels if you were VW?


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