Volkswagen MKII GTI Rally Car Build Phase 2 – SYNCRO SWAP


Build Race Party’s Ron Erickson has been involved in rally since 2007 when he purchased a 1986 Honda Civic with a goal of turning it into a rally car. Since that time, Ron has competed as a co-driver in numerous Rally America events in addition to WRC Mexico and the historic Pikes Peak Hill Climb with Mr. Build Race Party, Bill Caswell. Ron has taken the time while working on this current build to document everything, here is Phase 2 of his story:


Right as I started planning on starting the roll cage, I discovered a loophole in the Rally America rulebook (discussed at length with officials) that would allow me to run a Syncro-swapped MKII in the Open Light class. Right now, Open Light is around 99% Subarus. Excited at the possibility of having one of the few competition legal MKII Syncros in the US (muchless world) I sourced a drivetrain from Canada and got to work!

74617_1960885303944_312279409_nStripping rusty Syncro parts:


644284_1979629892547_416616032_nRepainted using Appliance Epoxy:

376300_1983852678114_1155783583_nDecided to make my own bushings out of Delrin.



602803_2022705689415_1347115201_nThen I decided to rebuild the Viscous Coupler, to my knowledge this is the only rebuildable Passatt VC in existence.

149492_2052912484566_66967272_nStarted fitting the drivetrain into the car:



198328_2093317894676_430262979_nCenter prop shaft converted to 100mm CVs and E30 carrier bearings.

931170_2093318014679_1107987255_nTunnel modifications, more Clecos!

430128_2111167940916_206795735_nDriveshaft shortening, I later discovered that it would be more realistic to run the short section up front, shifting the center propshaft forward into the taller section of the tunnel and making more room for the exhaust.

1044692_2132520194709_456202059_nTacked in place: