This Jeep CJ-7 on Craigslist is WTF? AWESOME

Photo from Craigslist
Photo from Craigslist
Photo from Craigslist

While doing my daily lunch cruise for interesting vehicles on Craigslist, I came across what could be the most awesome — and possibly most bizarre — ad for a CJ-7. Ever.

Photo from Craigslist.


Overall it sounds like a very nice, late-model CJ. In fact, according to who I can only assume is one of the Duke Brother’s, it’s “a lot like the one in the Duke’s of Hazard (sic).”

Photo from Craigslist


From the seller, “All in and ready for a trip to work or to Moab with your Mistress, girlfriend, or wife. Come and get it. Your girl should wear some version of a Daisy Duke outfit.”

Somebody buy this! Original ad is here or a copy of the ad is here if it has been taken down. Click through to find even more interesting pictures!