Supercharged V12 From Hell!


This is a supercharged 1200c.i. V12 built from scratch by a couple of guys with a dream. Russ Rustin(a U-21 crew member) and Kevin Braun(former Freedom Racing crew chief) started talking and came up with the initial parameters for the engine. They took those to Pete Aardema(developer of many land speed record engines) and Jeff Johnson and Kevin Aylesworth(owners of Freedom Racing). Now they had a team to develop the engine.IMG_9162-0       IMG_9161-1

The prototype work began in 2014 with the crankcase which is built from a series of aluminum plate that is cut up, welded back together, heat treated, and then machined to make the block.IMG_9163-0

The crankshaft was custom made by Scat Crankshafts and the rods came from R&R Racing Products. Arias Pistons and Darton Sleeves completed the bottom end. IMG_9168-0

There are actually four cylinder heads machined from billet aluminum. Each sides heads are joined by a common plate which seals the water jacket and carries the camshaft and rocker arms. There are two intake valves and one exhaust valve per cylinder and two spark plugs. IMG_9165-0

Take a look at the machining on the heads/intake runners.IMG_9166-0

The original heads were machined from wood to ensure the program was correct.IMG_9167-0

The rocker arms are custom made shaft roller rockers with parts from Crower and Jessel. IMG_9170-0The motor is electronically fuel injected and runs an ECU from PE3 with two fuel injectors per cylinder that was put together by EFI West. The two Vortec superchargers are expected to produce 15 lbs of boost. IMG_9161-1

If things go well, the engine should produce at least 3,ooo horsepower by early 2016. The engine was originally designed to replace the turbine engines used Unlimited Hydroplanes but the tractor pull, offshore boat racers, and Bonneville guys are loving this engine as well.

If you are looking to buy one or invest in the project, get a hold of Pete Aardema at Aardema Development.

Here are the rest of specs for the engine:

  • 1192.8 cubic inches
  • Length: 59.5 inches
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Height: 35 inches
  • Weight: approximately 1200 lbs
  • Single Overhead Cam
  • Three valves per cylinder
  • Two spark plugs per cylinder
  • Bore: 5.625 inches
  • Stroke: 4 inches
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Dry sump oiling
  • Mechanical supercharged