For Sale: 1987 Toyota Pre-Runner



You need this. Not for Baja but to go to work in. Like a boss. Like Ivan Stewart! But read below. You need to know what you are buying like “rear diff is locked and geared for 33 and desert life. Do you know what desert life is? No? Buy this truck and find out! Here are the details. BUILT 20 r with 22r valves, LC engineering mid cam & exhaust mani. New Weber 400.


THIS MOTOR IS FREASH. 500 miles on top end 60 on the bottom. TOYOTA POWER. THIS TRUCK SCREAMS FOR MORE..


THIS IS A Class 7 TRUCK to class spec. 2400 pounds dry weight VERY LIGHT. COMPLETE CAGE BUMPER TO BUMPER TO FRAME . More Snore runner. Front end ivan dan downey subframe , New fox res 10in 2.5 –pulling 14 inches with spacers. IMG_0979.JPG

Rear stock leafs with shackles 13 inch travel with 14 inch fox res. deep buckets seat with 4 point harness, removable race steering wheel.


REAR DIFF IS LOCKED and geared for 33 and desert life..ALL IVAN STEWART FIBER GLASS FROM EARLY TACOMA. FRONT GLASS 6in bludge in front 8in bludge in rear. 33 in rear 31 in front 90% tread.


turn key … tags expired jun 2014.


It has a stock carb & stock exhaust with a catillaic converter on it so you can get it smoged or green sticker it.. TRUCK IS SOLID freshly gone thou. Ready for summer fun ITS A TOYOTA THEY NEVER LEAVE YOU STRANDED.. will run circles around a built RVR.. OBO..7k.  You can read the full ad on Los Angeles Craigs List.

BACK OFF! Or Buy it!! Definitely buy it.