Real Working TRON Lightcycle sold at Auction


A working replica of the famous Lightcycle form the movie TRON: Legacy has smashed expectations by selling for US$77,000 as part of the record-breaking Andrews Collection auction.


RM Auctions’ pre-sale guide for the chunky electric bike put the expected price at US$25,000 to $40,000, with the result proving once again that a big screen appearance can have a big impact at the auction block.


the TRON: Legacy motorcycle is powered by a 96 V direct-drive electric motor with lithium-ion batteries and features a computer-controlled throttle. It’s only only been ridden around the Andrews facilities to ensure that it remains functional … and to look at it, “functional” does seem a stretch – imagine trying to navigate the local supermarket carpark on that thing. Still, this is about aesthetics and investment potential, and there’s little doubt that the Lightcycle ticks those boxes.