PRI: Carbinite Land Speed Racer



This is the Carbinite Land Speed Racer and it was easily one of the coolest displays at the show. It was built by the guys behind Carbinite which is this cool metal coating process that gives steel a texture or ability to grip other objects. It’s almost like spraying weld splatter across the surface of the metal. I’m sure the company would kill me for saying that but the process is pretty cool. Land speed racing is a side project for them and they built this to be the first wheel driven car to break 500mph.


The cockpit is surprisingly empty for a car capable of such speed. But its really just a giant chevy with turbos strapped to a rocket. What else do you need? Keep in mind there’s a large seat insert that drops in and makes it look more like an indy car cockpit.


The rear of the car is the best part. The whole thing looks like a rocket ship from Buck Rogers. Check out the trim tabs on the rear edge of the silver section. The car produces thousands of pounds of downforce at speed. They start with the wing up and reduce it over the run to maintain constant downforce on the rear tires. The faster you go the more downforce a wing produces so they trim theirs down as they go faster to keep downforce constant. Very cool

See those two hatches in the middle, near the back? Those hold dual parachutes. The hatch opens and a spring loaded floor shoots the parachute out of the body.


The shark vents are pretty cool too. I wish I knew more details on the car so I grabbed the technical specs from the Carbinite LSR website.
Turbo-charged 540CI Big Block Chevrolet
~ Oil system- 5 stage dry sump
~ Heads – 24.5˚ BMF conventional port
~ Crankshaft – Callie’s Dragon Slayer
~ Connecting Rods – 6.385” Oliver Bros
~ Camshaft – Custom grind by Bullet Racing Cams
~ Pistons – Custom-made Diamond 4.5” diameter
~ Compression ratio – 9.3:1
~ Injectors – (8) 160lb Bosch
~ Engine management – FAST XFI 2.0
~ Turbos – Twin Garrett GT4718 (88MM)
~ Intercooler – Chiseled Performance Custom Twin 3000hp Ice Water
~ Cooling – Heat exchanger in icewater
~ Headers – Carbinite Racing 4-2-1 with 2 1/8 primary
~ Shaft HP – 2618 @7000 RPM at 29 psi of boost
Rear Axle:
Winter’s Extremeliner
~ Maximum drive-shaft-to-axle ratio – 1.44:1
~ Differential – Winter’s Track
~ Axle type – Floating
~ Brakes – 11.5” disk with Wilwood Superlite Calipers
3sp GM TH400
~ First gear ratio – 2.48:1
~ Second gear ratio – 1.48:1
~ Final drive – 1.00:1
~ Shifter type – TMC Electronic Valvebody
~ Converter – Protorque10”
~ Type – Custom stick-built (1 5/8” x .120 DOM)
~ Rear suspension – none (Hard Tail)
~ Front suspension – Custom hydraulic with 1.1” total travel
~ Front – Custom 21” diameter Billet Aluminum (no tire)
Wheels and Tires:
~ Rear wheels – Custom 7” x 17”
~ Rear tires – 9” x 30” Mickey Thompson LSR tires
~ Custom fiber composite with active aerodynamics
~ Ice water for engine cooling – 41 gallons
~ Ice water for intercooler – 35 gallons
~ Fuel – 13.5 gallons
~ Oil – 4 gallons
~ Fire extinguishers – (2)10lb bottles for engine compartment plus (1) 5.5 bottle for driver compartment