This Offroad 2002 is the original BMW X2!

off road bmw 2002

off road bmw 2002   This video could be a lot better but its all we have. It’s really just a slide show of Sin City’s offroad 2002 during the build process, but it’s pretty cool. For example did you know this 2002 is actually a BMW 325ix? Check out the video. They cut the roof and body off a 325ix and dropped the body of the 2002 on top of it! I was wondering how they fit the 4 wheel drive system under there but now it makes a ton of sense.

off road bmw 2002

It also explains how the M20 (from the e30 325) fits so well under the hood of a 2002! Here you can see how the 2002 mates up to the E30 at the firewall. Pretty clever really.


Here’s something I didn’t know either! The car was used in a short movie so you can see it in action for a few seconds too! The video isn’t all slide show!


This is pretty interesting too. Look how the interior is grafted together. Bottom of an e30, top of a 2002! Can you think of a better way to make an offroad 2002?