New Racing Series: The Michelin Corvette Challenge


corvette spring mountain

A new series called the Michelin Corvette Challenge racing series is going to be held at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and County Club. The series is open to entry level racers who will compete in identical, track-ready Corvette Stingrays over of eight weekends at Spring Mountain.

Spring Mountain is now offering a turnkey package consisting of a 2016 Corvette Stingray and the cost to race in each of the eight weekends.

The racecar will be identical to the Track Day Concept recently shown at SEMA. The Stingray dips into the Z06 performance parts for items including aerodynamics, braking, suspension and cooling. You also get the standard safety gear like a roll bar, racing seat and  harness. The overall cost of the car is $116,000 which includes the following:

  • Ownership of a track-ready 2016, Z51 model Corvette Stingray (vehicle delivery date, Dec. 10, 2016)
  • All Chevrolet Performance Parts Upgrades (approximate value $20,000)
  • Safety equipment (roll bar, racing seat, racing harness, two-way radio)
  • 1 set of Michelin Pilot Sport GT Competition tires (approximately $2400 per set)
  • 2 sets of Forgeline racing wheels (approximately $4000 per set)
  • 2-day mandatory pre-event MCC series accreditation school
  • Custom Stand 21 racing suit
  • Onsite insurance and storage for duration of 2016 Michelin Corvette Challenge (insurance does not include on-track activities)
  • One year limited Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club Membership* (value $15,000 includes 10 additional track days)

corvette series

The estimated weekend cost for the Michelin Corvette Challenge is $7,900. Each of the eight race weekends will feature two races except for the final weekend in December be only the final race of the year and the awards dinner. The race fee includes:

  • 6, Michelin Pilot Sport GT Competition tires (maximum 6 tires permitted per race weekend)
  • Driving coach/spotter for each race weekend
  • Pre-event mechanical preparation (excluding crash damage)
  • Race weekend basic mechanical maintenance support
  • Fuel (estimated use, billing will be actual)
  • Access to social and media exposure team

After you buy the Corvette racecar, the 8 raceways will set you back another $63,200. Everyone must commit to the full 16-race schedule but teams can choose to share the car with another driver and the series will recognize both individual and team championship awards at the end of the season.

Ok so how does this work? First you put down a deposit of $85,000. Then you make the final payment of $31,000 when you take delivery of the race car(which you store on site at Spring Mountain). Ten days prior to each race weekend, a deposit of $6,000 is required. Failure to pay the deposit will result in loss of entry and vehicle ownership.

You can fill out the application at or call Grace Stickney at Spring Mountain (800-391-6891) for more additional questions or details.