Mid Engine VW Rabbit Cabriolet

fiero vw convertible

fiero vw convertible

Someone buy this so I can drive it! I know its just a Fiero with  V6 swap rebodied as a VW but I kind of like it. Maybe not that huge wing but the whole thing is proper Lemons style and I bet really fun to drive. So go buy it!

Ok it still has a nasty Fiero interior but if you can ignore that for a minute, check out the intercooler!

It almost looks like a regular VW with some lead blowers in the back seat but that’s the Chevy V6 swap sitting back there with a turbo sticking above the body line.

The fender flares are dont even come close to fitting, but it was a good effort.

fiero vw convertibleI assume these are the guys that built it or why include it in the ad?

Here’s the original ad for when this project is lone gone.

This is a 1979 VW Cabriolet body wrapped around a mid engine Fiero chassis and powered by a GM L67 V6. The L67 was originally supercharged but now it has a Holset HX40 turbo instead of the supercharger.

The car runs and drives excellent and is registered and insured with current tags. Pink slip is in my name and in hand. It is smog exempt which I will explain over the phone if you are interested. I personally built this car. The turbo sticks up above the decklid and the intercooler is mounted on top of the roll cage.

It is loud and in your face. Gets crazy looks every where you go. It makes 11 psi boost right now but there is room for much more with bigger injectors. I think this car could run in the 10’s with a little bit of work. I estimate the hp at 300 now at the crank but 450 should be possible on the current long block. 285mm wide tires in the rear.  

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