Incredible RWB Video


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.09.55 AMI’m still not sure how I feel about the bolt on fender revolution but I do like the RWB Porsches and love this RWB video. I love even more that the the RWB Porsches are hand built by one guy with basic hand tools for fitting the body parts. Akira Nakai-san is the man and the founder of Rauh Welt Begriff(RWB), a Japanese tuning shop that has exploded on the world scene. He knocks his builds out in just a few days and while they are cosmetic in nature, they look awesome.

Remember the hand tools I mentioned? Check out this little band sander!Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.10.27 AM

Even this build seems pretty special. Ben Harmony hadĀ Akira Nakai-san to his house in Philadelphia to build his RWB in his own garage. Kind of cool that a notable tuner would come build your car at your own own home with you and your friends hanging out. Ben also shot this this awesome video of the two day build. Enjoy.