Gates Salvage: Auto Yard Or Murder Yard?


This place looks more like a scene from one of those cult horror films. No one knows why your in an auto salvage yard, but why did you go into the basement earlier? The lights were out… So now your’re in the salvage yard and out comes the guy with the Chainsaw. Yes, you are in Texas. Or Hardwick Vermont in this particular case. There are over 400 cars here. Most are so rusty that your better off with the chainsaw guy.

You know it has to be a murder yard because cars don’t move. Like ever. The grass is a foot high around them. Trees are growing through some cars. The auto yards I’ve been too have cars moving around on a fairly regular basis. The ground is beat down past the grass. But not at Gates Salvage. Their yard is beautifully landscaped. This is their Craig’s list post.


This listing is for antique car/truck sale located at Gates Salvage in Hardwick Vermont. We are currently offering a pre-winter antique vintage car sale. We have approximately over 400 cars and trucks to pick from. The prices are 500.00 for any car in our vintage car section and 500-1000.00 for all trucks in out vintage pickup/truck line. Come take your pick.

We are offering this sale only for a short time as we will be processing these cars very soon and they will be gone forever. Examples are Barracudas approx 17 ea of these, VW beetles, vans, ford, chevy, dodge, chargers, challengers, corvairs, desoto, nash, rambler, cadillac, camaro, impala, c10, c20, comets, cougars, edsels, firebirds, mustangs, meteor etc.

These are all from low 1930’s-low 80’s. These have been sitting here for many years so don’t expect a fully restored one for 500.00. Conditions all vary. Buy for restoring your current antique or making yourself a rat rod. I will not take pics of individual cars. You must come in person and sort thru the cars to find one that best suits your needs.

Prices are firm unless you need only bits and pieces. First come first serve. Delivery available @ 6.00 per loaded mile with a minimum charge of $125.00. We do have a partial list of cars available but please be specific with cars you are interested. Believe me, this is a antique/vintage/rat rod collectors paradise. Thanks for looking and good luck. NOTE: These cars are scattered everywhere so the location of your dream vehicle is unknown. Get ready to do some walking. Any questions feel free to call and ask.

Here’s the ad for anyone that finds it in time. Here’s the contact for anyone that needs something in the future. (Call 8 zero 2-four 7 two-5 seven 9 four/5zero5eight).