For Sale: WWII Tank!


    Here’s something you don’t hear every day, “I have a tank out back behind my barn.” But that’s exactly what this Craig’s list ad says. No idea if it runs, but $1,500 sounds cheap. Can you motor swap a tank? Maybe. I don’t think “LS Everything” will work this time.

    The ad says it’s a WWII tank but it looks more like an old M1 to me. And the seller is pretty clear he doesn’t know much about it:

    “I dont know anything about it really other than I havent been able to get inside it and its been sitting for over twentyfive years. It came with the property. Im trying to do a litttle cleaning up around the place and its too heavy for me to move. I dont think it runs. You will need a flat bed.”

    Here’s the ad for those of you in the market for a tank!