For Sale: Vintage 1976 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit Rally Car


Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 7This car is definitely a project, but its a cool project. Partly because its a vintage rally car now but mostly because its a cool looking ’76 Golf. The interior is stripped and fitted with a super cool old school rally computer(not really a computer but you get the idea). It’s fitted with a roll cage but that design is no longer legal for rally today.

Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 6It looks like it comes with some wheel arch flares which could be really cool too. At least I think thats what the red strips are in the back hatch area of the car.

Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 11
There is the issue of no title but its not that hard to apply for a new one while you work on the car. It doesn’t say anything about the trailer which is kind of random and cool looking too.

Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 7The other issue is the engine. Apparently its all there but its in pieces. 

Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 4

The car also has dual coil packs which are a smart add to any rally car for reliability. I doubt they were both hooked up at once, probably just had the input wires on a switch and then you manually switch the output to the distributer deal – but just a guess. 

Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 5

The good news is that VW motors don’t cost very much. 

Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 1

The body looks pretty good and those look like minilite wheels which is a good thing as well.

Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 9


Again the chassis looks good and is probably crazy light making for a good platform to start a rally car. Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 2
Here’s the actual Craigs list ad from Minneapolis, MN. 

“76 VW Golf. Vintage Rally car. Raced back in the day in Wisconsin. Very clean body, with only some rust on the bottom of the front fenders. Motor and transmission are there,but motor is apart. Full roll cage. Dash and all wiring complete. Has front and rear bumpers. This was a race car and the title was lost through the years. $1,400.00 obo. Rich (952) 544-167nine”