For Sale: 1982 Eagle Rally Car


AMC 1982 rally car for saleThis is the original AWD, high horsepower monster, for all you 18 year old GTR fans. It was the year of the Commodore 64, the end of Checker Cars(the Taxicabs), and the beginning of the Toyota Camry. It was also before Subaru so the fast guys rallied Eagles. This one was raced by Dean Blagowsky and can be yours for $12,000. Here it is back at 100 Acre Woods in 1983:

eagle rally car outside

The car has changed hands several times and has been rallied by various people over years. The owner has some documentation verifying history of the car and the races it was in. Very cool but doubtful this thing is getting invited to Goodwood anytime soon.

AMC 1982 rally car for sale back end

The car is fitted with:
-390 v8 727 automatic with a viscous coupling transfer case that acts sort of like all wheel drive. (Caswell: sort of? not sure what that means)
-Has 4.10 gears and 4 wheel disk brakes, really fast.
-Full cage
-brand new Corbeau FIA seats installed.
-Engine has been freshened up with new gaskets belts and hoses. Trans rebuilt with full manual valve body. New Duel batteries. Some, wiring has been replaced.AMC 1982 rally car for sale engine

The car runs and drives well and has completed several hundred miles since preforming the rebuild work. But the seller does remind you “Its an old race car so not in perfect condition.”

“Not many like this around… rally cars live a pretty hard life many were wrecked and gone. own a piece of rally history.” He has a point. I’ve never seen once of the original Eagle rally cars till now.  
And this is interesting. “Please do not respond if you don’t have $ no joy rides without cash in hand.” Hmmm…I have $12k…JOY RIDE TIME! I’m joking, its the meanest thing ever to do to a guy selling his car. But the ad implies he’s ok with it…

Photos from the craigslist ad.