Fake Sparkplugs On Amazon?


    What’s the old saying? “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

    I’m seeing more and more videos and posts about fake car parts. I guess it’s getting easier to manufacturer stuff that looks like the real deal and everyone knows the $25 Rolex is fake so why not sell some spark plugs?

    My first reaction was that companies use different plants and produce different parts for different markets. But in the first video, the actually called NGK and had a little chat with them. He was told the spark plugs he bought off Amazon.com and through Prime were fake. I think the take away here is don’t buy something if the price is too good to be true.

    But the fake spark plugs look almost identical to the real ones. Sure the tip is at more of right angle and the electrode looks fatter, but how would you ever know if you didnt buy a set from a real parts store and compare them yourself. Take a look:

    The boxes are slightly different sized and some of the markings are different, but unless you had a real set to compare to, how would you know?

    Here’s another video produced by Denso itself! Fake spark plugs are a problem.

    Buy your parts from a reputable source and pay what they should cost. Assuming you like your engine, which most of us do…