Corvette C6 Z06 and Toyota Supra Snow Drift!


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.44.10 PMI love this video! Two cars that shouldn’t be racing on snow, a Corvette C6 Z06 and a Toyota Supra, are ripping down a snow banked road somewhere in Russia. Yes Russia. But most of the awesome or really bizarre car videos are from Russia if you haven’t figured this out by now.

This video is from is Russian drifter Sergey Kabargin and a friend tandem drifting through trees. The Supra is downright dirty but the corvette has this wild front air scoop made from steel!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.43.01 PM

The video subscription simply says “In February 2016 , Russia , Karelia Our pages, join: and then repeats in Russian: “Февраль 2016 года, Россия, Карелия, дрифт. Наши странички, присоединяйтесь,”


I’m dying to know how many times they made contact putting this video together? The Corvette looks pretty intact so maybe they never actually touched? Seems hard to believe. Even for pro drifters or rally drivers. I also want to know if anyone comes looking for them? I assume this is a public road, but maybe it’s so far in the middle of nowhere that no one cares? Totally illegal in the United States, but for some reason(Because Russia) I see the cops buying him a beer and saying “good video!” Ok, enough of my randomness. Here’s the video: