Audi Widebody Racecar For Sale


00r0r_cNMRITqLiH9_600x450audi widebody for sale

Wide bodied German race cars are rare. Wide bodies Audi 4000 Quattro’s? Very rare and very cool. This one raced back in the day and now is for sale! We should point out that a friend is selling this car. We haven’t seen it. We know nothing about it other than it looks awesome and we wanted to share it. When the Craig’s List ad goes down, so do all the build photos. We share a lot of these cars just because they’re cool but also so the photos remain online for people looking to build similar cars. Here’s the Craig’s List ad with some photo’s mixed in. 
It was originally built by Benett and Tim Valencia with help and tuning from 034 Motorsports back in 1996 to race in the NASA Super Unlimited Class. It actually won the championship in that class in 2000, so you know its a very capable platform. 
00i0i_1DU19RlxCD2_600x450audi widebody for sale
Aside from the obvious wide body mod, here are Some features:
– The motor is a stock MC1 bottom end with a heavily massaged head
– 034 Stage IIc system, with the pulley, coils, the whole shibang. , solid lifters, 280d cam, 41/36mm valves, etc.
– Lehman header with a K27/28 or 29 hybrid turbo
00k0k_aHvn7WMTYkf_600x450audi widebody for sale
– Tuned by Javad at 034 on a dyno dynamics dyno and made 250 hp at the wheels with 15psi boost with peak power was a 6200rpm and a very usable power curve (Estimated about 325 crank HP, but capable of more)
– roughly 2500lbs
– ATL Fuel cell
00L0L_flvUE1AjMiO_600x450audi widebody for sale
– Brakes: 2B 330 mm Stage 2, 4-piston brembos, stainless lines, bias valve, Tilton dual masters
– Suspension: 2B Coil Program & 2B double adjust Koni shocks, 2B Supreme Bushings (I would consider freshening up some of these items before tracking)
00404_POTDOvd5MC_600x450audi widebody for sale
– Full fire system, still charged
00j0j_7PyvUwqXSbP_600x450audi widebody for sale
– Brand new Corbeau seat plus Schroth Belts and a window net
– Quick release steering hub (leather on the wheel is pretty beat)
– I have a lot of spares including several different sets of springs, the original steel hood, a full set of wheels with street tires, and some other misc. things.
00x0x_1GKf2PB6Kg4_600x450audi widebody for sale

Full disclosure… the car is not perfect and needs some love here and there. It looks better in the pictures than it does in person. The paint has some runs and there are some minor flaws in the body work. An additional door bar should be added if you intend on door to door racing with it, but it is fine for track day use. I have a video of it running and driving so you can hear how good it sounds.

Asking $8,000 or best offer by the end of the month.
I will ship it anywhere you’d like at your cost of course.
Check out our facebook page for more pics and the video I mentioned:

email me with questions and I will reply promptly.

You can find the original craigs list ad here.