BRP Drivers

Alex Kihurani – Rally Co-Driver
998388_10104623118560234_1804434186_nAt the age of 26, Alex Kihurani has been at the forefront of American rallying as one of the top young co-drivers in the country. Throughout 10 seasons, Alex has captured a class national championship, taken an X Games medal, competed on top level teams across North America and Europe, and has taken two drivers to the coveted Rally America Rookie of the Year award (2008 – Dave Mirra and 2010 – Joseph Burke).

With his father bringing over a passion for rallying from Kenya, host of the legendary Safari Rally, Alex became obsessed with rallying from early childhood. Alex learned the fundamentals of co-driving by directing his dad to spectator points starting at the age of 6 and navigating in Time-Speed-Distance (road) rallies by the age of 12. To catch a glimpse of as much of the action as possible, Alex began hitching rides with rally teams to events at the age 13 while launching his rally video website (at which point he was given his nickname, “RallyBrat”), drove his first rally car at 14, and finally competed in his first stage rally three weeks after his 16th birthday in 2003. By 2004, Alex began co-driving in the SCCA ProRally National Championship with a trip across the country for the Rim of The World Rally in Lancaster, CA, where he finished 11th overall. Later in the year, Alex began rallying in Canada as well. See more


Matt Brandenburg– Rally Driver
Matt smallMatt Brandenburg, Founder of Brakim Racing is the driver of the VAC Motorsports powered BMW E36 M3. Self proclaimed thrill seeker, Brandenburg is well known for his sideways driving style, lack of lifting and as we’ve all seen on YouTube, breaking records for the largest of in race jumps. While most would call his antics insanity, he just calls it a good time.

At just fifteen years old, Brandenburg started an internet marketing company out of his parents basement which eventually led to his dropping out of high school to run the business. In a few short years, his self created marketing software had landed him a feature on the widely acclaimed prime time television shows 20/20 and 60 Minutes.

Always the car enthusiast, Matt purchased his first super-car, a 1998 Dodge Viper when he was a mere seventeen years old. He quickly built it into a 700HP obnoxiously loud daily driver that he thoroughly enjoyed for several years to come. Years after his first track experience in the Viper at Atlanta Motor Speedway, he attended a weekend auto cross event and fell in love with the track all over again. See more


William Petrow– Rally Driver / Drift / Builder
10372289_10152086655806123_Steve Topping is a William (Bill) had always wanted to be a rally driver since he was a kid. Having a father who worked for Peugeot North America while being raised had some major influence. Now that Bill has been rallying since 2009, he continues to compete when he is able and and the budget allows.

Bill is the proud owner of Broken Motorsports,  opening its doors in 2008, Broken Motorsports was created to serve mostly Subaru vehicles. Today Broken Motorsports has evolved into a rally powerhouse and other race cars, building the most rally cars on the east coast and possibly the country. Broken Motorsports has introduced dozens of new teams to rally since they started racing in 2009 and strive to get new competitors on stage! Broken Motorsports does everything in house these days with custom roll cage and chassis fabrication, and engine building to basic maintenance and bolt-on upgrades. However, not just for Subaru’s anymore! They also do performance stuff for Nissan, BMW, Ford and Porsche!


Steve Topping– Drift
10503411_10204053428317338_2080262830_oSteve Topping is a St. Louis, Missouri based drift competitor who became interested in the sport  durnign the summer of 2010,  after attending a Kansas City Drift Association event. After ending up on track in his Chrysler’s 300 SRT8,  it’s been a losing battle ever since. Steve picked up  a 1993 BMW 325i with the plan of  swapping in an LS6. The LS6 lasted throughout 2012 and 2013 until a trip to Chicago for a show damaged the block and heads as a result of exposure to frigid temperatures.

The BMW remains LS based, as a 5.3L is now coupled with a built T-56 with MGW short throw shifter, custom driveshaft and full straight Y-pipe exhaust.  A 6 point roll cage, bucket seat, 4 point harness, Grip Royal steering wheel with NRG hub, hydrologic ebrake, custom switch panel and nitrous bottle complete the interior.  Suspension is setup around a set of BC racing coilovers, VAC solid bushings at every corner and an SLR angle kit that allows for awesome lines and piles of smoke. See more

Michael Korody– Shifter Karts / Endurance Racing / Sprint Racing

PKC62786Michael Korody is a San Diego, California based Shifter Kart pilot who races with multiple series and has his sights set on SKUSA Califonia ProKart Challange for 2016.  With 4 years of racing experience in both cars and karts he brings alot of experience to the table.  Licensed for NASA and SCCA club racing Michael instead focuses on grass roots motorsports with close competition and an even playing field.  He started racing by jumping straight into Shifter Karts and has never looked back!  When hes not studying for a mechanical engineering degree, hes working with diesel heavy equipment sales, racing, or having a good time with friends!

His racing efforts are supported by Musgrave Racing Company, Winmax USA, Cusco USA, Don Swanson Racing, and MazdaSpeed Motorsports Development.  See more