Name: Steven Topping
DOB: March 14, 
Resides: Chesterfield, MO
Interests/Hobbies: Drifting, Guns,

Drift Experience:
Number of events:  47
Years of experience: 5
Top 16 2013 MDU Rd 2
Top 16 2013 MDU Rd 4
3rd Place 2014 MDU Rd 2
2nd Place 2014 MDU Rd 3

Steve Topping is a St. Louis, Missouri based drift competitor who became interested in the sport  durnign the summer of 2010,  after attending a Kansas City Drift Association event. After ending up on track in his Chrysler’s 300 SRT8,  it’s been a losing battle ever since. Steve picked up  a 1993 BMW 325i with the plan of  swapping in an LS6. The LS6 lasted throughout 2012 and 2013 until a trip to Chicago for a show damaged the block and heads as a result of exposure to frigid temperatures.

The BMW remains LS based, as a 5.3L is now coupled with a built T-56 with MGW short throw shifter, custom driveshaft and full straight Y-pipe exhaust.  A 6 point roll cage, bucket seat, 4 point harness, Grip Royal steering wheel with NRG hub, hydrologic ebrake, custom switch panel and nitrous bottle complete the interior.  Suspension is setup around a set of BC racing coilovers, VAC solid bushings at every corner and an SLR angle kit that allows for awesome lines and piles of smoke.

 Drifting isn’t a lifestyle… or a fad… or any of that other bullshit. Drifting is a family, especially in the Midwest. We are all born from the same f-ed up tree, and could have never ended up anywhere else. We need these cars, track days, and friends just to feel alive. Every off season is the ultimate test. It would be like a non drifter trying not to eat for 5 months.

Nothing makes you feel more alive than throwing your car at a wall at high rates of speed. Nothing will ever make the world around you disappear like door to door tandem through a touch and go. Drifting is the ultimate form of car everything (that an average non F1 kid can do). Car control, car modification, gear head passion, and stacks and stacks of shitty beer are all to be found at every event. Every drift event is a family reunion, and we all treat it like it’s going to be the last one.

My name is Steve, and I will drift until I die.