PRI: Holley EFI



    The Holley booth at PRI killed it again! They introduced an electronic fuel injection conversion kit for $999. You need a few other parts like the high pressure fuel pump and hose, but generally speaking this is a ridiculously good deal. The kit is really simple to program and self learning. It comes with a little digital display where you type in your engine details so it can load a base map. Then you go drive while the Ecu self learns using the wideband O2 sensor. It’s mean for carburetor conversions, not fixing the FI on your Ford Probe, so you get the awesome looking throttle body deal shown above which fits the standard carb openings. You also get a little digital display(which you can see in the picture below), some wiring and the Ecu. Drop in a high pressure fuel pump and lines, hook it up and away you go!

    HolleyHolley HolleyHolley


    Last year Holley introduced the hydramat which is a little bladder that sits in the bottom of your fuel cell and any liquid that touches it gets sucked inside and trapped. That’s it to the right. I think you can buy everything Holley sells through Summit.


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