DIY Baja Baja Pig

Welcome to DIY BAJA. The infamous Baja 1000 is one of the largest races in North America, if not the world, yet its open to almost anyone that wants to compete. Even a group of friends and a 1989 BMW 325 like us. We first entered the race in 2010 with a car built in less than 14 days that started on the floor of SEMA. The car was less than perfect given the tight build timeline and the steering failed 200 miles into the race. We are rebuilding our 1989 BMW, lovingly called the “The Baja Pig”, and returning to the 2016 Baja 1000.

We are documenting our race through a series of articles and videos designed to show someone how to “DIY” the Baja 1000 with your friends. We are also inviting everyone to come down and join us at the race. We’re looking for a location where everyone can camp out(most of the rooms in Ensenada are already taken). We should have plenty of pit support through BF Goodrich and Mag 7 and a few chase trucks but we’re also crowdsourcing as much video from the race as possible so the more people that come down, the better. Plus its an amazing race to see in person and even cooler when you have a team to watch it through.


DIY BAJA – The Return of the Pig

DIY BAJA – Learning from Our Mistakes

DIY BAJA – Giving Chase

DIY BAJA – Building the Perfect Pig (coming soon)


Come Join Us at the 2016 Baja 1000

Everyone is welcome. If you want to come down solo, send us an email and we’ll connect you with others looking to do the same. We’re looking for a location where everyone can camp out together safely but otherwise the trip does need to be handled by you. You need to get yourself there, be able to get around, and get yourself home. We’ll provide a fun group of people to hang out with during contingency and spectate and chase with during the race. We’re looking for a better way to organize this but until then, send an email to and tell us a sentence about you, why you’re coming down, and what you would like to do and see while at the race and we’ll put together a big list of fun.

The main schedule is the official one on the score site. Always refer to that. But this gives you an idea of the dates and schedule. The race starts on Friday morning and ends Sunday morning. This year is a loop race meaning it starts and finishes in Ensenada making it much easier to race and chase. Contingency is on Thursday and is basically a day long party as the whole field parade their race vehicle through tech. Along the way are all the sponsors tents that make sure you are running their product and the right stickers if you want to win contingency money. There are bands and beer everywhere. Its like a giant block party but with race trucks.

Wednesday November 16th

  • Arrive Ensenada Mexico
  • Dinner at Santo’s Steak house?

Thursday November 17th 

  • Contingency (all day)

Friday November 18th

  • Trucks start at 9am
  • Sportsman Class might start around 1pm.

Sunday November 20th

  • Party in Ensenada
  • Some will leave to make flights home to be at work on Monday.